What drives us

We are delighted that you are so
into music and great sound quality.
Here at sonoro we share your passion.


German Audio and Design

sonoro was set up in 2006 and today is a watch-word for a growing number of music lovers around the world for a range of high-performance, elegantly designed music systems. Our mission: to unite German engineering and design expertise to make people happy and enhance their quality of life.

A methodical, careful approach and sheer toil

We develop exclusive audio systems that are specially created for the worlds of sound of the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, taking account of music behaviour, user needs and the individual requirements of the home environment. Many of our product innovations arose from simple everyday challenges – and perhaps that’s precisely what makes them so authentic.

For us, making people happy is close to our heart. Be that through user-friendly systems, an inspiring quality of audio reproduction or relaxing and wellness content that helps you forget everyday stress. People are at the heart of all our thoughts and actions. Our quality pledge “German Audio & Design” expresses how we wear our passion for sound and design on our sleeves: with a methodical approach, attention to detail and sheer toil

The expert community is also well aware of our mission to achieve the highest processing quality for our products, our use of innovative technologies and our passion for design aesthetics. sonoro has won many prestigious awards for our first-class examples of technology, innovation and design. And in future we will continue to be driven by our passion for creating innovative music systems.

The best sound quality and stylish design

German engineering is highly regarded throughout the world. The German quality seal stands for numerous technical innovations, but also for the uncompromising stand on quality and functionality. The same goes for design. We regard ourselves both as part of the German engineering tradition and also firmly embedded within the ideas and methodology of functional design aesthetics. This is also reflected in our desire for our products to be perceived as acoustic interiors.

Our systems have a particularly refined tone colour. They can offer you superlative sound performance or add subtle background texture. The most important reasons behind the unique sound are the carefully hand-crafted wooden units we use. This is not just for aesthetic reasons, but also enhances the purity, detail and richness of the acoustic performance. The intelligent arrangement of the high-quality speakers, precisely coordinated crossovers and finely adjusted sound processors also make a large contribution and, as well as being carefully assembled, also undergo a multi-stage inspection.

This is how we create carefully considered and sophisticated music systems for quality-conscious people who want to get the most out of life and favour future-proof audio technologies. Aesthetics, functionality and the very highest quality – that is what unites all sonoro music systems.

The vision of the company

Marcell Faller
(CEO & Founder, sonoro audio GmbH)

“To fascinate and inspire: for us that means not only giving you the best possible sound, but also enriching your quality of life. We do this with our “worlds of sound” – user-friendly ways of experiencing a whole variety of sound in the different rooms in your home, making life that much easier. And to ensure that you have long-lasting pleasure from your sonoro music system, our designers and developers aim to make the technology as easy to use as possible. We don’t want you tearing your hair out over the instruction manual, we want sonoro to make you happy. That’s what drives us.”

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